Harvest date

The aromatic journey from the vegetal to overripe fruit has a dynamic characteristic of each variety, with fixed aromatic windows from the moment of loading stop that is conditioned by the area and the weather of the year.

Once the loading stop has been detected, we can precisely determine the dates of maximum aromatic potential for each profile, which allows you to:

  • Obtain the maximum potential of the grape, avoiding costly corrections in the winery.
  • Group lots of grapes with the same profile.
  • Organize harvest logistics in advance.

Maturation consulting

Maturation consulting Maturation consulting.
  • Understand the grape profile/wine profile relationship.
  • Set the optimal harvest dates in advance based on the wine profile within what the potential of the plot allows.
  • Group lots of grapes by their potential oenological real (high, medium, low, slow or blocked maturation).
  • Optimize warehouse processes
  • Define viticultural strategies to improve the potential of the plots.

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DYOSTEM is a tool for evaluating the enological potential of plots and determining the harvest date.

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Enological potential of the plot

They allow for the definition of the potential of the plot, that is to say the organoleptic benefits available to the grape and with what intensity.

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