Calculation of yeast assimilable nitrogen

The orhanoleptic quality of the wine is proportional the proper performance of the fermentation, and this to the correct nutrition of the yeasts. Calculate the yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN) which requires your fermentation, and the product doses to be used depending on the type of activator you choose.

Practical advice:

  • Never start fermentation below 150 mg/L of YAN.
  • If the initial deficiency is significant (>20 mg/L), it is important to add ammonium ion at the start.
  • The organic nitrogen provides more regular fermentation and better organoleptic results.
  • If the deficiency is small, we can work 100% with organic nitrogen.
  • Corrects up to 150 mg/L as soon as AF begins, at -5 density points; and the rest up to the YAN dose required at the time of maximum AF, at approximately -30 density points.
  • Never add ammonium at over 50 points.

Calculate the assimilable nitrogen



Must sugar g/l
NFA necesario mg/l
Corrección mg/l
Corrección Di-5 mg NFA/l
Corrección Di-30 mg NFA/l
  Di-5 Di-30
Activador g/hl Kg/cuba g/hl Kg/cuba
Helper 100% Origin

* Always add tiamina at the start of fermentation at a dose of 0.3-0.6 mg/L