Environmental contaminants consulting

Air, water and containers are likely to suffer contaminations. We identify the molecules responsible and the sources thereof.

It is likely that at some time a strange smell or taste appeared in the wine and we did not know where it came from.

Hard plastics such as hoses can add aromatic hydrocarbons to wine, naphthalene can come from varnishes used in wood, chlorinated water that we use to clean containers (stainless steel, barrels), epoxy resin solvents, etc.

  • Air: haloanisoles, hydrocarbons, volatile organic matter like BTEX.
  • Water: halophenols and haloanisoles.
  • Containers and plastic materials: phthalates and bisphenols.
  • Microbiological contamination of the Aspergillus carbonarus type, generator of Ochratoxin A.

We propose measures capable of detecting and improving environmental pollution problems through:

  • Analysis of the responsible molecules.
  • Expertise on the materials in contact with the wine: cork, wood, hoses, water quality, air quality and the winemaking and storage premises.
  • Prevention: study of the winery's construction materials, knowledge of the risks.
  • Research and development: obtaining materials that allow the elimination of environmental pollutants.

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