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Fermenting your wines with yeast from your own plot will allow you to improve the ‘expression of the terroir’ concept.

The challenge posed by these preparations is to achieve a clean, complete and safe fermentation with native yeasts.

MILLESIME is the selection and multiplication of native yeasts made available to any winery. A simple and effective method that, through annual sampling in the plot, allows you to locate the yeast pools in your vineyard with the capacity to finish the fermentation.

This consulting is aimed at those wineries that want:

  • Differentiation, complexity and exclusivity in its wines.
  • Deploy the concept of plot wine fully and enhance the terroir character.
  • Fermentative safety with indigenous yeasts.
  • Know better and value the vineyard in all its aspects.
  • Greater real vintage effect, the annual weather qualitatively and quantitatively affects the microbiota present in the grape, which in turn will have a direct impact on the profile of the wine.
  • Increase the knowledge of the microbiology of the vineyard and the wine, increasing its dominance, safety and reaction capacity in the event of possible deviations.
  • Bioprotection with own yeasts in the production of sulfur-free wines. What could be better protection than massive sowing of native yeasts in full multiplying activity?

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