Calculation of the volume of nitrogen to be used based on the carbon to be removed.

Recently fermented wines have high levels of dissolved carbon. Although this element is interesting to add freshness to white and rosé wines, it is not as important for reds. This tool allows for the calculation of the volume of nitrogen required to eliminate the intended carbon. It also determines the length of hose required based on the diameter and flow.

Calculation of decarbonization



CO2 Final / CO2 Initial
10ºC/kla 1.082 en línea
15ºC/kla 0.8965 in line
20ºC/kla 0.744 in line

Length of hose required for a certain flow and diameter

  Pump flow hl/h
Ø hose mm 50 100 150 200 250
40 7 13 20 - -
50 - 9 13 17 21
60 - - 9 12 15