Active yeast multiplication consulting

The aim is to reduce the cost of yeasts by increasing the yeasts selected from the winery itself.

Alcoholic fermentation, the main stage in winemaking, is entirely carried out by yeasts, generally of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae species. These yeasts can be considered as a raw material in winemaking.

Therefore, it is essential to master the planting, growth and survival of these microorganisms in order to ensure regular and complete fermentation. It is also important to reduce production costs.

The consultancy consists of the batch production of high density at bases and has the following objectives:

  • Drastically reduce the consumption of yeast and rehydration nutrient:
    - In reds where 400 kg was used, you’ll only use 5 kg.
    - In whites and rosés where 400 kg was used, you’ll only use 10 kg.
  • Guarantee the development of the strain chosen.
  • Guarantee complete fermentations at a good pace (reduce fermentation time by 20%).

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