Barrel sensory scan - Aromatic profile

Looking for the balance between wine and oak.

Most cooperages give you numerous variables so that you can adapt the barrels to your wine matrix and your objectives.

  • Oak species.
  • Type and level of toasting.
  • Volume and shape of the barrel.

But the real crux of the matter lies not only in knowing what each barrel offers, but in knowing how each of these parameters interacts with each wine matrix.

Furfural, vanillins, lactones, etc., have different impacts on each fruit profile. Tannins have a different impact depending on the balance of the wine. Oxygenation that provides different volumes also has a different impact depending on the wine matrix. And so it goes on.

AZ3Oeno offers you this know how from our multiple perspective of process expert winemakers and barrel distributors, knowledge supported by our comprehensive sensory database on Iberian wines created from 20 years of tasting, a unqiue and exclusive source of information.

This study allows us to find out the cooperage: reproducivility or variability of the barrels, to be able to discern the barrel, toasting, origin.

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