We work together with the winemaker

As well as offering quality products, consultancy and machinery, we know how to use them. We assess our customers to apply the best solution at all times.

AZ3 Oeno
Az3 Oeno

More than 20 years with a purpose. AZ3 Oeno was created in 2000 by four winemakers passionate about the world of wine.

Always aiming to share this passion with friends, acquaintances and partners. Our purpose has always been to help to create enjoyment and please wine lovers around the world. A happier world through wine and making our customers smile. The best way to preserve our interest is by taking te utmost care of the well-being of those around us and sharing this passion for wine with them.

01. Prevent
Our methodology

01. Prevent

Our motto: Prevention is better than cure.
The experience with our customers has taught us to anticipate and pre-empt problems that may arise when producing wines.

02. Solve
Our methodology

02. Solve

We offer solutions to the needs of the winemaker or winery.
What wine do you want to produce?

03. Identity
Our methodology

03. Identity

We ensure a constant product over time.
We obtain data, we process it so that things do not happen by chance. 

04. Processes
Our methodology

04. Processes

Production processes are essential for us.
We are experts in processes.

05. Sustainability
Our methodology

05. Sustainability

We are guided by the principle of a sustainable winery: We consider energy and financial savings.

06. Efficiency
Our methodology

06. Efficiency

We guarantee the result

07. Ambition
Our methodology

07. Ambition

We are ambitious because ambition is necessary.
What do you want?
Az3 can help you achieve it

08. Exclusivity
Our methodology

08. Exclusivity

Together with the winemaker, we design exclusive wines, full of nuances that identify our land, its vineyards and tradition.

09. Technique
Our methodology

09. Technique

Essential for producing our wines. Winemaking has never been so technical.

10. Natural efficiency
Our methodology

10. Natural efficiency

We are very respectful and pure with the flavors.
For us, less is more.



Establishment micro-oxigenación in the Iberian Peninsular.


Introduction of enology alternatives


Introduction of the synthetic cap.


Measurement of hydric stress in the vineyard; Monitoring of the ripening/monitoring of the physiology of the plant.


Introduction to controlled oxygenation in white musts, management of polyphenols in whites.


Intropduction of the multiplication and selection of yeasts in the winery.


Piloting of automated fermentation and aging.


Consultancy with a cross-sectional vision. Definition of product-vineyard-winery.


Focus on the vineyard: Nutrition/wine style.

Consultancy services for more than 500 wineries.

Our mission is to support the winery in their strategic winemaking approaches, in order to help them build their wine.

These are uncertain times for many wineries given the evolution of their traditional markets and therefore they must adapt to changes in markets and consumer demands.

The crisis calls for changes and therefore an opportunity to transform our wineries into well-organized, flexible and sustainable companies.

Thus, we are at your disposal to develop complementary technical support in different areas:

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  • Definition and validation of products.
  • Study of the coherence of the range with respect to the marketing strategy.
  • Classification of wines: differences and similarities between types.
  • Stability of the range over time.
  • Help with decisions on the harvest date.
  • Control of the vine’s hydric activity.


  • Selection of native yeasts.
  • Production of yeast in the winery propagation pre-ferment agent.
  • Determination of critical points of microbiological contamination in the winery.


  • Piloting the fermentations.
  • Thermovinification in reds, cracking in whites.


  • Oxygen management, wood management, barrel room management.
  • Barrel scan: type of wood, toasted, new and old barrels, perfect wood range.

Environmental contamination

  • Detection of environmental contamination, diagnosis and solutions.
  • Water pollution.
  • Air pollution.
  • Contamination of containers.
A nossa metodologia

Our customers are wineries with a great innovative spirit, wineries with a vision of the future, capable of accumulating knowledge and new experiences; and sensitive to their workers and environment.

All consultancies are established after a preliminary analysis of the winery, a study of the problem and the definition of the specific objectives and needs of the winery.

Consultancy plans have a start and end date for the project.

Our consultants have a working methodology transferred to the customer through regular reports. The consultant establishes a dynamic that helps the winery establish new methodologies and processes.

Our working system allows us to coordinate the different strategic departments of the winery: general management, viticulture department, enological department, and commercial department, involving them all in the same project and with the same common objectives.

In order to achieve the objectives of these consultancies, the participation of the manager, production, commercial, technical and financial directors is necessary in most projects.