Calculation of active molecular SO2

Calculate the molecular sulfur content of your wine and correct it to reach the minimum protection range (0.4 mg/L ) for risk-free wines (G+F&lt<0.4 g/L and/or absence of polluting populations); or the maximum range of protection   (0.6 mg/L)  for wines with risk (G+F>0.4 g/L and/or presence of polluting populations).

  • Free sulfur dioxide in wine is dissociated into 3 chemical forms: molecular sulfur, bisulfite ion and sulfite ion.
  • The balance between the different chemical forms is a function of the pH, the alcoholic strength and the storage temperature of the wine.
  • The only active form in terms of protection against contaminating microorganisms (e.g. Brettanomyces) is molecular sulfur.

Calculate the active molecular SO2



Active SO2 in the wine
Protection MIN. Active SO2 Activo 0.4
Free SO2 required
Free correction
MAX protection. Active SO2 0.6
Free So2 required
Free correction