Living soil

The soil is the active base of the wine concept and your business.

To sustain and feed the vines, the soil acts as a recycling factory in which it is necessary to maintain an operational balance for it to function.

The soil nutrient reservoir and its microbiological activity is found in the clay-humic complex, which is a large colloidal store of nutrients formed by clay and organic matter, skillfully maintained and managed due to the microfauna and microbiota of the soil.

Living soil

In each harvest, the annual vegetation and the harvest consume from 500 to 1,500 kg of organic matter per hectare, this is from 0.5% to 2% of the total organic matter. The leaves and pruning remains are not enough, they only provide 300 to 350 kg/ha of organic matter with a high content of C, therefore with a high consumption of N for its degradation.

Without a rational replacement of organic matter in 50 years your vineyard can be transformed into a beautiful desert.

Gradual mineralization impoverishes the clay-humic complex and limits the development of microflora and microfauna, over time minerals are also scarce, the vineyard declines and loses all organoleptic and financial profitability.

For each hl of wine produced, the vineyard extracts from the soil
K 1 to 1’8 kg
N 0’8 kg
P 0,25 kg
Mg 0,3 kg

In an impoverished soil the vineyard suffers, it can give good grapes, but every year it gives less.

We can define soil health as the continuous ability to regenerate to maintain its clay-humic complex and continue to support plants and microorganisms. This capacity for self-regeneration is proportional to the quantity and quality of available organic matter and to the microbiota that leads the regeneration and enrichment of the humic clay complex.

Only a healthy and fit vineyard will meet the qualitative and quantitative objectives, and like any winery asset it requires a maintenance plan.

Tell us about your soil, what your production objective is and we will think of a suitable plan for each plot:

  • Send us the analysis of soil, shoots, petioles, must and production objectives.
  • If you don't have them get them here
The amount of organic matter required for each soil depends on its texture, specifically on the clay content.
% CLAY % necessary of ORGANIC MATTER
15 1,7
20 1,5
25 1,7
30 2
35 2,2
1 ha = 3,000 Tn of fine earth - the % of stones!!

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