Deoxygenation calculation

The oxygen in the bottling is an important parameter to consider. Bottling a wine with a lot of dissolved oxygen results in a rapid decrease in free sulfur, in the order of 3-5 mg for each mg of dissolved oxygen, so the wine will evolve more quickly.

Deoxygenation takes place by displacing the oxygen with an inert gas; nitrogen. This tool allows for quick and easy calculation of the nitrogen volumes we should use based on the oxygen we want to eliminate.

Calculation of deoxygenation



Flow N2 L/min

Length of hose required for a certain flow and diameter

  Pump flow hL/h
Ø hose mm 50 100 150 200 250
40 7 13 20 - -
50 - 9 13 17 21
60 - - 9 12 15