Oenofirst Rosé[s]

ŒNOFIRST® ROSÉ[S] wood chips to enhance the aromatic expression and balance in the mouth of rosé wines.


It also makes it possible to delay the evolution of the wine color and preserve its fruity notes for longer.
ŒNOFIRST® ROSÉ[S], an ally for the commercial life of your rosé wines.


  • PACK: 12 bricks
  • Infusion bag included
  • 9kg cardboard box with integrated handles


DOSE: ŒNOFIRST® ROSÉ [S] can be used during alcoholic fermentation. Dosage between 0.7 and 1.5 g/L, ŒNOFIRST® ROSÉ[S] reinforces the fruity expression of the wine (notes of exotic fruits, peach and white flowers) while providing liveliness and balance in the mouth.

Oenofirst Rosé[s]